Xtreme Bands Pull Up Assist Resistance Bands



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Accomplish your Fitness Goals: Do you need help getting to that first pull-up? Are you rehabbing after an injury? Xtreme Bands’ cross-training resistance bands can be used in the gym, at home, or outdoors for pull-up / chin-up assistance, stretching and mobility work, physical therapy, power-lifting, functional fitness and resistance exercises to help you achieve new PRs. Functional simplicity and versatility will allow you to attack your goals at your own pace and comfort level.

Multipack Value: With the 4-band value pack from Xtreme Bands, you can easily increase/decrease the level of resistance required to meet your needs. Whether you are practicing assisted chin-ups or standing bicep curls, choose from a tension of 10 lbs all the way to 125 lbs to suit your routine. These bands measure 42 inches in length and come with 2 foam handles and a door mount to expand the range of exercises you can perform whether you’re at home, in the gym, or on the go.

More than Just Pull Up Assist Bands: While these bands are an excellent resource to achieve your pull-up goals, they also bring benefits to many other areas of bodyweight fitness. These bands can be attached to a secure post for a wide range of exercise possibilities to target areas such as your obliques and core, or you can stand on the bands for bicep curls or shoulder presses. These bands will also help for calf, hamstring, or other lower body exercises as well as yoga and pilates routines.

Committed to Quality: Xtreme Bands conducts the highest levels of quality testing on our products to ensure that you receive what you need and deserve. Our bands are easy on your skin - no pinching, slipping or aggressive friction, and our excellent construction quality ensures these stretch bands won’t break or become deformed under stress. Make the most of every workout with resistance bands that have great elasticity and sturdiness to make every exercise as challenging as it needs to be.

Leaders in Workout Equipment: The team at Xtreme Bands cares about customers more than anything. This is what drives us in our mission to be the leaders in exercise equipment in Canada and beyond. We stand by a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee, so take your training to the next level with Xtreme Bands workout gear today!

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