Xtreme Bands Core Exercise Sliders & Resistance Band Set



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Improve your Exercises: While other resistance bands don’t have enough tensile strength, bunch up on you during exercises, or tear apart after minor use, Xtreme Bands are made of 100% natural latex, free of the thermoplastic elastomer TPE. The colour scale and graphics advise you on the resistance level of each band, from X-Light (5-10 lbs) to XX-Heavy (40-50 lbs) so you can achieve efficiency in your workouts and see amazing improvements over time with our uber-durable, top-quality bands.

Re-Define your Core: These smooth-gliding ab discs provide a low-impact, yet effective and high-intensity workout. Perfect for exercises such as mountain climbers, pikes, and various other upper body movements, these double-sided sliders can be used on any number of surfaces including carpet and softer surfaces (plastic side) or hardwood and laminate (woven fabric side). Durable and versatile, these sliders won’t chafe your fingers or scratch or scuff your home flooring.

Versatility for Any Workout: Integrate our resistance bands and ab sliders seamlessly into any number of popular workout or exercise programs including yoga, pilates, strength-training and more. Xtreme Bands resistance loops and core discs are fantastic for developing strength, stability, flexibility, range of motion and balance. The bonus lightweight transportable carry bag makes it a breeze to take your bands and sliders with you whether you are going to the gym, the park, or on vacation.

Committed to Quality: Xtreme Bands conducts the highest levels of quality testing on our products to ensure that you are receiving what you need and deserve. Our bands are easy on your skin - no pinching, slipping or aggressive friction, and our excellent construction quality ensures minimal rolling, cracks or tearing. This sliders and bands set comes with a bonus instruction manual with illustrated exercises to demonstrate many of the ways you can use these resistance bands to maximum effect.

Leaders in Workout Equipment: The team at Xtreme Bands cares about customers more than anything. This is what drives us in our mission to be the leaders in exercise equipment in Canada and beyond. We stand by a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee, so take your training to the next level with Xtreme Bands workout gear today!

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